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Crochet Baby Booties

Crochet Baby Booties

If there is anything more beautiful than your baby's first step in the world, it's his feet. Charming and sweet feet of a baby need more protection than adults. What could be better to protect such sweet things than to design a pair of easy-to-crochet baby shoes? Follow the tips below to sweeten your little feet.

  1. Size – For a good fit and balance, a baby shoe must be the right size. Measure the length and width of the feet from the top and button, the length around the ankle. And there you have all the information you need to give your baby a charming pair of little boots.
  2. Color – Next, the color of the yarn is selected. Choose something bright, since the shoes are the first thing that catches the eye. Maybe with kingfisher blue or a marigold orange. Fusia pink would look great for a little girl.
  3. Yarn – Choose baby yarn especially. Do not choose anything else as it will be sensitive to your baby's skin.
  4. Design Orientation – Always remember to design just one side of the base and create a line of symmetry that you can follow to spread in any direction. Make the crochet base first, and then wrap the corner to make the final shoes. The design should be on the outside. With variations, you can make crocheted shoes, sandals, boots and many others. Focus on how to shape the shoe.
  5. Patterns – While it's best to use a solo color with no eye-catching pattern, you can draw a simple design like a straight line of contrasting colors through the center of the shoe.
  6. Accessories – Beautify the shoes with additional accessories such as buttons, small handmade flowers or a 3D-friendly dog ​​face. It adds a stimulus factor to your child.

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