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Flapper Dresses

Flapper Dresses

1920 was the decade of the emergence of modern fashion. The fashion friends were presented various types of skirts, maxi, pants and flapper dresses. The clothes we wear today are a second or third form of the fashion trend of the 1920s.

Here we discuss the elegant flapper dresses for women, which are intended for women of all ages. These are not so expensive and can be easily affordable for people with different family backgrounds. The fit of a flapper dress may be flat or loose and may be designed by a waist near the hips or by a hem from top to bottom.


A flapper dress looks very elegant for women of all ages. These flaps are provided with sharp cuts that emphasize the female figure. In the late 1920s, this flapper dress was thought to be worn by modern-looking girls with bob-cut hair, a symbol of lavish and vagabond life. The dress is designed without sleeves and for the winter season jackets or cardigans are worn to avoid cold.

Usually flappers are preferred to be worn at evening parties. The material of which they are made may vary from season to season, depending on the choice of wearer. Over time, many dresses are redesigned, taking into account the cuts and styles of a flapper dress. As in the beginning, the flapper dress was worn as underwear and sewn into the dress itself. The flapper dress is overly liked by young girls as it symbolizes a carefree lifestyle.

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