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Free Crochet Flower Patterns

Free Crochet Flower Patterns

There are a number of uses for crocheted flowers, which often help embellish handcrafted crafting or retail items.

Here are some free crochet floral patterns that are useful when crocheting with flowers. Crochet floral patterns include designs to embellish bags, hats, scarves, home decoration projects, accessories, clothing, and more.

Light and simple crochet floral pattern

These free crochet floral patterns are easy to make and you will have no trouble creating beautiful looking crocheted flowers. For starters, some simple crochet floral patterns are small simple popcorn flower patterns, simple crochet flower motifs, six flower petals, flat flower applications, etc.

Crochet Daisies is another free crochet floral pattern that is popular not only in the spring season but throughout the year.

Crocheted flower application

This pretty crochet flower appliqué pattern has some texture and dimension. The pattern allows you to sew on the different types of surfaces while lying flat. The texture is also comfortable for crocheting.

Simply layered crochet rose pattern

The rose flower pattern can be easily crocheted in three layers and a button or ball is used to beautify it to make it look together.

Easy Crochet sunflower application pattern

With this free crochet flower design you can create small sunflowers that can be crocheted quickly and easily with worsted yarn. You can use crochet yarn or embroidery thread to work this pattern if you need small sunflower applications.

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