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Knit Christmas Stockings

Knit Christmas Stockings

Celebrate Christmas with hand-knitted Christmas stockings. You can make this Christmas a memorable celebration by knitting Christmas stockings for friends and relatives who will long remember you and appreciate your gift. Knitting stockings can be an entertaining project if you follow the instructions to create bizarre, beautiful and delicate stockings for adults and children in the family. Smaller balls of wool may also be used to make mini-stockings for pets and toddlers or even to decorate the tree. Christmas is a time of fun and joking, so knitting stockings only add to the festive spirit.

Knitted Christmas stockings can be knit in any color, but red, green and white are colors that are usually used with the classic striped pattern. Merino wool or organic cotton is used to knit such stockings, but merino wool is a bit bulkier. Christmas yarn with gold and silver thread running through the yarn gives excellent stockings. The patterns knit on the stockings can be a snowman, a reindeer, a Santa Claus, angels or even snowflakes. You can accentuate the stockings with pompons and bows and even personalize them by embroidering your name on them. All of these designs look really cute. In fact, colorful stockings full of different designs also look very attractive. These beautiful vintage-inspired Christmas stockings are perfect for knitting with bulky yarn on an evening.

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