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Knitted Dress

Knitted Dress

The dress plays an important role, as does the food. It is a fundamental necessity in the life of an individual. The history of clothing dates back to antiquity, when men used leaves and bark as a dress. Knit dress shows the culture of a particular region. Knit dress has become a habit. Clothes give information about the habit of the wearer. In different regions of the world there are different dress codes. Knit dress shows bourgeois sense of the person. These clothes are more cultural than modern. In recent years, knitting has taken hold in the textile industry. The production of knitwear has evolved from needles to high-tech machines. After the industrial revolution, machines make knitwear with a traditional touch. Knitted garments retain their effect in the growing industry. The weaver conjured to transform the wool into a beautiful dress. Knit dresses include sweaters, caps, jerseys and shirts. The knit dress shows the skill of skilful weavers. It is also the leisure activity of the woman that shows her thinking and her creativity. This fabric is very smooth and handy. It is best and flattering for female clothes. This fabric is lightweight and easy to wear with extravagant patterns. Knitted fabric is versatile. They provide warmth in a cold climate. It is not only used to make clothes, but also as a decoration for tapestries and stockings. Knitted clothing also has medicinal purposes. The cost of maintaining the classy looks and fashionable dresses can be expensive. Knitted dresses are relatively cheap, easy to wear and comfortable.

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