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Afghan Blanket

Afghan Blanket

Everyone needs a blanket. There are many types of blankets to choose from, including mink blanket, cotton blanket and even the revolutionary electric blanket. There is also the Afghan blanket, which is made of wool. There are a number of ways to make the Afghan blanket, and anyone at all levels of knitting or crocheting can do so. Here are a few suggestions for a blanket in Afghanistan.

Miles of Afghan blanket

The mile-a-minute blanket is very pretty and quick to do. You can also attach tassels to the ends of the blanket to add a touch of flair. This pattern is suitable for beginners as well as for those who need a blanket in an instant.

Afghani blanket to join in

Just as interesting as the name implies, the Afghan pattern "Join-as-you-go" is created by assembling different patterns into a blanket. So you can put together Oma squares, hexagon and star motifs to a blanket of your choice. This project is suitable for intermediate knitter or crotchetier.

Motif Afghani blanket

This Afghan blanket can be very colorful, livening up your bedroom or especially your child's. So you can use wool yarn in different colors to make your Afghan blanket. You can use different patterns to create shapes such as circles, squares, or hexagons, and then join them together to form a theme.

After deciding which pattern suits your blanket, consider the size of the crochet yarn and the type of wool yarn that will produce the best results with the pattern you choose.

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