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Blanket Knitting Patterns

Blanket Knitting Patterns

Blanket knitting is one of the most common pastimes for most mothers and grandmothers. Knitting has some advantages, e.g. Other benefits are sentimental. With the following knitting patterns you can learn to knit your own blanket or even your baby blanket.

Afghan knitting pattern

The Afghan knitting pattern is very popular because of the intricate and interesting patterns that the stitches produce. Most blankets have at least one or two Afghan patterns. This knit pattern is best for wool yarns.

Ribbed floor pattern

The ribbing is a complicated pattern made by the technique of increasing and decreasing knitting. This pattern requires medium knitting skills. The knitting and plastering technique is also used.

Slipcover blanket

Mesh is another pattern that can be used for knitting patterns. It is a bit easy for beginners and ideal for all knitters. The stitch is made by moving a stitch from the left needle to the right needle without changing the orientation. This happens without the use of knitting and plastering technology.

Bear paws sting

A very interesting and intricate pattern that gives your ceiling a unique look. The bear claw stitch can be used on the edges of your blanket or even in the body of the blanket. There are many online tutorials where you can learn how to make this great knitting stitch.

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