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Chinese Fashion

Chinese Fashion

In recent decades, Chinese fashion has not been as popular as it is today. It has changed dramatically because people are interested in Chinese street fashion as it is widely used in Chinese everyday life. This Chinese fashion has become famous for two reasons, firstly because of Chinese street fashion and secondly because of pop music. These Chinese fashion features are bright colors, canvas shoes, along with cotton and linen material and pictures with epoch effects. The style stands for fresh and angelic type. Sometimes you can find fashion features that include dark, bold colors, studs, metal, black and white, and disgruntled looks in outfits. Fashion is not limited to women. You will find the men's outfit in Chinese fashion. In men's fashion you can get a trendy, simple and clean cut that gives a sophisticated and refined look. If you talk about your job prospects, you can also get them in a Chinese way. This dress can give sporty looks that have become very popular.

Dress code in Chinese fashion

Usually you see men with bow ties and faux-hawk hairstyles that stretched on their faces. In terms of shirt and sweater, the hem or bottom of the shirt should be between the waist and the crotch of the pants. If it's too low, it's baggy and if it's too short, it's geeky. Men prefer to wear tight-fitting trousers. They do not prefer western jeans. Her trouser length must fall over the shoe, which lengthens the leg and rolled up the seams that show the ankle, are considered fashionable in China. For women, cut-outs are famous for their funny graphic designs such as animal prints or floral prints.

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