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Chino Shorts

Chino Shorts

Origin of Chinoshorts:

When it's summer, chino shorts are the main focus of every wardrobe as they are made of lightweight fabric. The word Chino apparently comes from the Spanish, but was made from cloth imported from China. Chino shorts are not to be confused with khakis, which are just a reference for a color. On the first day, khaki was the most common color in making chinos. Today they are available in different colors. The chinos were formerly worn by the military, and the uniform consisted of simple straight-waist pants with front zips or buttons. They had absolutely no wrinkles. In the 1950s, chinos were most accepted by teenagers.

Ways to wear chino shorts:

They can easily be combined with flip-flops and a casual shirt. Several retailers have begun to bring Chino back into fashion these days. They are usually made of cotton and are soft, making them ideal for hot climates and providing suitable coverage. Sometimes they are referred to as a more elegant dress, because they look like a suit trousers. They range from long to short versions and can be tailored to individual needs. , They are unisex and popular with men and women alike. The styles for women can either be similar to pedal shifters or low waisted. They are renowned for their comfort, practicality and longevity.

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