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Filet Crochet

Filet Crochet

The crocheted fillet is a kind of crochet fabric and it is a grid-like crochet lace, as only 2 crochet stitches are used. The double crochet stitch (also known as triplets) and the chain stitch are the two types of crochet stitches that are used in the fillet crochet technique.

For older filet crochet patterns concatenated in two rows between the vertical triple or double stitches, a vertical triple stitch or height stitch was used. One can visually detect a difference in these two types of fillet stitches as less thread is used in the chain stitches compared to the double stitches.

Basically, when filet crochet pattern created by the double crochet stitches are filled with the chain stitch braid. White or natural monotone crochet yarns made from mercerized cotton are commonly used to make crochet fillets. Beautiful decorative items such as tablecloths, window curtains, placemats and coasters, etc. are made in fillet crochet technique.

A symbol chart or charts are often the sources from which the crochet is edited. Open and sturdy stitches are combined to create the crochet pattern, in which the background in the open stitches and the design in the stitched stitches are machined. The total number of chain stitches made between the double stitches determines the size of the place in the crochet work. As an alternative to the chain stitches, other types of crochet stitches may be used to perform the felt crochet work. Instead of yarn, yarn can also be used for felt crocheting.

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