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Hexagon Crochet Patterns

Hexagon Crochet Patterns

Hexagons are now the most popular motifs for blankets, stuffed animals and whatever. By far the most attractive motif is the African flower hexagon. A hexagon has six sides and six corners, but when crocheting, these corners are more like points that can be sewn together.

The crocheting of hexagonal motifs is as simple as the square shapes, but these are very appealing to the eyes. There are many variations in each row when crocheting, but it can all seem very easy if we follow the instructions exactly and continue as shown in the tutorials. A little bit of concentration is everything, but the reward in form of the finished product is definitely great. A hexagon motif can either be made in one color or with the motif of a flower in the middle. The color and design of the flower may be different, but they all look very attractive. In the hexagonal crochet patterns, the number of stitches on all sides is the same, so you can sew them together to get everything from the table runner to the large bedspread or blanket. The visual impact of a colorful throw on the bed gives Grandma a very contemporary yet traditional square look. These colorful throws with the hexagon crochet pattern are very tight and light and can help decorate your home to make your lifelong dream come true.

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