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Knitted Cushion Covers

Knitted Cushion Covers

Is there something that is not possible when knitting? From socks to hats and sweaters to scarves and gloves, knitting can really get you what you want, as long as you love the yarn. Knitted pillow cases are also part of the range for most knitters, and you can personalize your living room by creating unique pillowcases that suit your taste. Here are some patterns that can really please your pillow.


The honeycomb pattern is truly unique and versatile; You can combine it with other patterns such as the seed sting or the garter stitch. For pillows, the right arrangement of patterns is the key to getting a great look. So you can have the middle part of the cushion cover in the honeycomb pattern, while the rest of the body gets the garter or the seed sting, or some other pattern of your choice.


A motif gives your pillow a unique touch. In addition, you can coordinate your home decor theme exactly with a motif pillow cover. Designs that you choose can be by nature for the contemporary decor, from intricate objects to the modern decor, or even many beautiful colors for the vintage decor.

You may also choose to have your pillowcases either with or without buttons. If you choose buttons, be sure to use those that accurately reflect the color and design of the pillowcase. Also check that the placement of the buttons highlights the good look of the pillowcases.

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