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Knitted Shawl Patterns

Knitted Shawl Patterns

The Persian word "shal", from which the English word "shal" comes. In its early days, it was only worn around the shoulders. It had many square, rectangular and most advanced rectangular shapes. Reversible scarves are those scarves that are made to have the same effect on both sides. It's time consuming, but it's worth it. Inspired by old knitting techniques, scarves are made by hand. It is a unique piece of craftsmanship in which patterns are woven efficiently. The knitters master their techniques and skills to make a knitted scarf look elegant. The eye-searching patterns are designed using different needle sizes. The knit pattern is made using modern techniques. The flower pattern, the leaves and the curl were the best knitting patterns in prehistoric days. The simple yet elegant looking simple patterns are also made. The enchanting and enormous embroidery patterns are carried out on knitted towels with expertise. The knitters decorate their scarves with gold, red and silver threads and give them a royal look. The knitted scarves are made of fine wool mixed with pashminas. For more vivid knit patterns, the yarns are dyed with natural pigments and colors. The silk thread is also woven to create shine in knitted fabrics. The art of knitting also changes over time. The latest knit scarf patterns are lace, cross, raindrop and rose scarves. These patterns emphasize the beauty of knit scarves and complement the dress.

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