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Knitted Shawls

Knitted Shawls

Scarves are fabric pieces that are placed around the shoulder. Their history goes back to older times. The knitted scarves had undergone many changes; once it was part of the local skills. Now it is made in all parts of the world. Knitted scarves have a familiar place in garments. The knitted scarves are characterized by their heart-pounding design, bright and deep colors and elaborate embroidery. The embroidery is executed in very fine details. The geometrical, abstract and different pattern makes it look more beautiful. The patterns are woven on the looms in long strips. The multi-colored pattern is knitted over the scarves. Knitted scarves are made of pure wool and yarn. The materials are too soft and comfortable. It is very easy to handle for knitting techniques. The enthusiastic workers make the knitted scarf with a lot of skill that shows their skills and class. They are usually handmade. But now, with the advent of new technologies and techniques, a wide variety of knitted scarves are made. The knitted scarves are used to protect us from harsh climate. They are easy to carry. Knitted scarves provide comfort, coziness and add to the fashion. People give each other, because it's a wonderful thing to give something. Women were very interested in collecting different types of knit scarves. Wearing a knitted scarf is currently an outstanding trend. They are used as part of the custom in one part of a world. The knitted scarf complements the dress.

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