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Reiker Shoes

Reiker Shoes

Origin of Reiker Shoes:

The company Reiker was founded in the southern German Black Forest. In 1974, Rieker began producing shoes for the wealthy and distinguished inhabitants of northern Italy. Over the years it has become more and more popular and has become literally a kind of term in Europe today. In the beginning, the company had its headquarters in Switzerland, today there are almost three design units, sixteen complete sales units in Eastern Europe, North Africa and Vietnam. Reiker Shoes supplies retailers from all over Europe with shoes and ornaments. The products have decorative design and are made of high quality material. They are perfectly cut and absolutely comfortable. Reiker shoes are best known for their anti-stress footwear and were awarded the IFRA Award (International Footwear Retailers' Association) for Best Women's Brand and Best Customer Service Award in 2006.

Characteristics of the Rieker anti-stress shoes:

  1. Flexible: Reiker shoes are always made with the utmost care to give your foot more freedom and comfort by reducing pinching. Each piece is specially handcrafted, ensuring a perfect fit.
  2. Lighter: A varied design ensures that every shoe is extremely light and comfortable. The fit on the heel is compact and prevents forward movement of the toe.
  3. Shock-absorbing: The special sole of the Rieker shoes absorbs shocks and ensures a pleasant ride. This is done by spreading the pressure on the sole.

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