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Slouchy Beanie Crochet Pattern

Slouchy Beanie Crochet Pattern

In winter, the cap is the first choice for women to protect their heads from the cold. The special feature of the slouchy beanie is that it looks nice and at the same time protects you from cold wings.

There are several inspiring design ideas with different interesting patterns and colors for casual hats. The size is the most important thing when you buy these. It should fit on your head. Choose any hue or go wild and make a striped statement. Instead of just using one color, you can think of the endless color combinations.

Well, they are not that expensive and are often delivered in pure wool. So you can easily buy it within your limited budget. If you want to design it yourself, you can do it. The knitting process is not that easy unless you learn it. Once you know the exact mechanism, you can create it in a few hours.

Another benefit of this pattern is that you get the optimal size for your head. And get a contrasting color that gives an earthy tone.

This pattern really deserves to be placed in your closet. They are also considered good to give away your friend. There are many designs that can put a sweet smile on your face and give you a complete and warm look. So go and produce this in an inspirational way and impress your friend with your own creativity.

The casual crochet pattern for caps is quite simple and only two steps away to complete your desired hat. If you are well-trained in knitting, the cap will last for almost two to two and a half hours.

As a beginner, you should start with the basics, a simple slouch beanie pattern is a good choice. It has some basic shape patterns and textures.

Now think of Puffstitching, it looks beautiful and well-structured with staggered rows. Before you start puffing, make a ribbed tape. This look is created by crocheting only in the front loops. Measure the strips, sew the short ends together to form a ribbon. Now you come to the Puffstichen. The special thing about these stitches is that they have a very interesting mechanism. So it's fun to create them. To create a complete hat, the work is continued and sewn in rows.

After finishing a few rows and reaching to the top of the hat, close the shell by squeezing the edges and the single crochet and forming a star. Present your casual hat in crochet pattern here so easy and so fast.

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