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Women Dresses

Women Dresses

Would you like to look beautiful with your favorite clothes? The best rule is to buy clothes that match your body shape. People claim that there are 4 main form categories: circle, triangle, hourglass, and rectangle. Define your own body shape and read this article to buy the most suitable women's clothing.

The circle

Buy the clothes that fit loosely around your stomach. Do not hesitate to show your limbs. Sheath dresses are the perfect choice. Make the outfit even cooler by wearing high heels and using interesting jewelry.

The triangle

If your upper body is narrower than your hips, do not wear skinny jeans, oversized jackets and tight skirts. Focus on wearing clothes that do not all look after your hips. A top with a boat neckline widens your shoulders and makes the figure look more balanced.

The hourglass

Forget oversized clothes. You should make your natural curves look proportional. Wrap dresses are the best option. They make you look feminine and create the perfect diagonal curl over the body.

The rectangle

If your body looks a bit boyish, look for textured clothing. They should create curves and give volume to the chest and hips. Focus on the selection of feminine tops, which are characterized by ruffles and fluffy sleeves.

Dress is a garment that makes every woman look more beautiful. It can highlight your curves and make everyone jealous of your great body. To look great, focus on choosing women's clothes that fit your body shape. Whether it is a circle, a triangle, an hourglass or a rectangle, there must be a perfect dress.

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