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Black Strappy Heels

Black Strappy Heels

We know very well what advantages Black Strappy Sandals have when they help to improve the beauty and posture and help women strengthen their authority. We also know that heels are the best choice for women who suffer from complex body size, as these shoes help them to look good with their important other or group photos. In this article, however, I will explain to you the lesser-known disadvantages of wearing heels, which should serve as an eye-opener for all women out there.


If you ask someone who has been wearing heels for a long time, you agree that wearing them over an extended period of time can cause joint pain and arthritis.

Physiological change:

A major concern for longtime heel wearers is that it shapes and shortens the size of their Achilles tendon. This means that women when walking without shoes feel immense pain and discomfort.


If you are new to wearing black strappy heels, you will initially suffer from an embarrassing moment, where you will often stumble and fall, and can also be seriously injured.


Finally, I would like to say that wearing high heels should be avoided for a long time, but these heels are the best option if you only wear them for a few hours at a party.

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