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Boho Style

Boho Style

Boho dress style is often associated with the Gypsy era of the 1960s, when more and more people, along with ethnically inspired accessories, followed the carefree, rebellious dress sense. But boho dresses have a lot of history.

The boho style comes from the French region of Bohemia, hence the name Boho. When the people of Bohemia came to other parts of the world, this style of clothing flourished.

The boho style has continued the tradition of hippie influences to this day. These styles have become household names and are recommended by celebrities and the like.

We will go into the boho style below.

  • Boho style for women
  • Boho-chic style, as we often say, is to dress as naturally as possible. The use of natural fibers and bright colors characterizes a boho style.
  • The crochet pattern and lace dresses go well with the layering to highlight your boho chic look.
  • If you are looking for boho style shoes, always choose dark and natural tones.
  • Accessories are what best characterizes the boho style. Opt for a bracelet in addition to necklaces and merit to complement your look. Never forget the handbag. You can choose hats or headbands according to your wishes.
  • Boho style for men
  • Boho style for men has often been more of a carefree casual dress than modern, elegant customization.
  • Opt for a colorful bodice or freestyle floral-patterned tops. Combine it with washed-out jeans or chinos.
  • Choose loose-fitting pullovers or suede jackets for layering.
  • Take off your shoes for footwear and try leather sandals. They complement the style best.
  • Complete your outfit with printed scarves, bracelets and caps.

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