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Wedges Heels

Wedges Heels

Women, slip into a style of shoes that has proven itself. Today, the 70s motivational wedge is remarkably redesigned as a wedge tennis shoe, shoe and even a slipper.

Women will do anything for the style – regardless of the possibility that we have to put our feet in pointed stilettos. For unknown reasons, our masochistic tendency to high heels destroys our bodies, causing everything from bales to heel spines to endless back pain.

For many shoes, the "heel" sits just under the heel of the foot, while a wedge heel runs from the back of the shoe to the front over the entire length of the foot. As the name suggests, this type of shoe has a triangular wedge shape to some degree, but not all wedges are super-high heels. The stature of the wedge heel varies from low to high. It is only the condition of the heel that arranges it as a wedge. Many people confuse stages and wedges.

In the hot months, a pair of braided straw or stopper wedges look like a maxi dress, a long skirt or a palazzo pants. In case you have a wedge that is great, fun shading or printing, show it with some cropped jeans.

Deep, richly shaded, soft cowhide or calf leather wedges are great for fall and winter. Pair closed toe wedges with tights and a dress or skirt. The wedge fits virtually any outfit, no matter what the season.

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