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Dress Coats With Jeans

Dress Coats With Jeans

Many people think that it is a mistake to reconcile clothing costs and jeans, but I see no problem in that as long as certain rules are followed. For those who want to combine dress coats with jeans, I recommend the following five tips:

Do not break your last coat

I kept observing that many gentlemen only own a suit. This dress coat was often bought for special or important occasions. So if you only have one suit, I can not recommend combining it with a pair of jeans. This is because the jacket is covered with special pants so it can be damaged or discolored if washed excessively. And it can be expensive if you have to buy a new tuxedo at every major event.

Does the coat jacket suit you?

Never try to combine a dress jacket with jeans if the jacket is too big or too small. The ideal size should be comfortable for your shoulders and allow you to easily move your arms back and forth.

Just choose the right kind of jeans

If you decide to wear jeans with a tuxedo, you should be sure to wear the right kind of jeans. I recommend wearing uniform colors and avoiding stonewashed jeans or denim with a poor appearance.

By following these three essential rules, you can see when a denim jacket and a coat jacket are compatible.

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