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Knit Baby Blanket

Knit Baby Blanket

Knitting a baby blanket can be a very rewarding project, as it can be invigorating when you see how much joy is in your own creation. Since the size of a baby blanket is small, knitting does not take long. Choose a pattern from the knitted baby blanket patterns and start knitting. Make sure, however, that the yarn is made of soft, washable acrylic yarn that will do wonders for the delicate skin of the baby.

A baby blanket can be knitted with an attached hood to keep the baby warm and cozy in winter. Baby blankets can either be made in a single color or you can even experiment with many different colors. Pastel shades like Baby Blue, Baby Pink, Lemon and White look really cute. The stitches used may be kink, hosiery, box or lace stitches. Motifs such as rabbits or chicks can be processed into a beautiful blanket using the intarsia method. Sometimes circular needles must be used to pick up a large number of stitches. A petal pattern can be worked on circular needles and completed quickly. Cords can be knitted alternately with scallops to give the ceiling a well-balanced look. A red-and-white blanket made from chenille yarn in square-edged squares is perfect for newborns as their softness does not irritate the baby's soft skin. One thing to keep in mind is that the size of the blanket should be big enough to wrap around.

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