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Free Crochet Dishcloth Patterns

Free Crochet Dishcloth Patterns

Although most people do not like to wash dishes, at least they can do it stylishly with beautiful and attractive crocheted tea towels. The dishcloths handmade by crocheting are often more luxurious and much thicker than the manufactured dishcloths that are purchased commercially. The crocheted tea towels make the boring task of washing dishes, interesting and pleasant.

Tea towels are also easy to crochet and you can crochet faster than any other, and there are absolutely no finishing or complex shapes when crocheting dishcloths. Use the following free crochet tablecloth patterns to get some great ideas for making your own handmade crochet tablecloths.

Einzelhäkelgitter dishcloth patterns

This free crochet dish pattern is simple and perfect for the beginner to crochet. In this pattern, only the two basic stitch types, such as single crochet stitch and chain stitch are used. Simply combine these two stitches into an interesting textured mesh that you can use for scrubbing.

Lacy Treble Shell Tea Towel Pattern

This is a pretty tea towel pattern that uses the lace triplets stitch. It is not a complex pattern, though it looks like it, and the crochet is built like a simple shell mesh and consists of half-filled crochet, chains and triplets.

Puff Stitch Lace Crochet Dishcloth Pattern

This fancy tea towel uses a puff lace pattern with a half double crochet work. The finished product can be used as a washcloth or as a tea towel.

Colorful striped tea towel

This free crochet tea towel pattern is colorful and crocheted with bright colors like blue, yellow and red. The striped pattern creates a rainbow effect because it creates color blends.

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