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Hijab Fashion

Hijab Fashion

Lately, hijab fashion has spread all over the world. Some women wear hijab of different styles. Hijab has also found its way into major fashion houses. And it is not just an old style to wear a headscarf, but various modifications have been made to this trend.

Which style should I choose?

If you're a new hijabi, you do not know which style to choose. Do not worry. Your help is here. There are some website and YouTube channels that offer tutorials on many different Hijab techniques. I would suggest that you start with a simple one that not only fulfills the purpose of hijab, but also looks presentable. The key is to choose a style in which you feel comfortable and define your personality. It is not good to lose the essence of your personality just because you started to make hijab. Be confident with your choice.

Let's try something new:

Hijab fashion should not be the barrier of your style. Rather, try to wear different accessories with your hijab. For example, you like to wear chains, but you can not do that anymore because you take hijab. The solution to your problem is here. Start wearing long necklace pendants that will match your dress and hijab. You can also wear bangles and bracelets in matching colors to your dress. That would make you even more attractive.


Do not hold back on hijab, but try to be innovative with it.

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