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Knitted Cape

Knitted Cape

Knitted capes in different designs and colors can be suitable for many different styles. Cloaks are really a classic and every woman should have at least one in her wardrobe. It gives your outfits elegance and timeless beauty. They provide warmth on these autumn days and are therefore suitable for evening wear. Depending on the design of your knitted cape, here are some tips for wearing a cape.

  • Go black. A short black cape with elbow and a black evening dress will give you a classic 60s look that never goes out of fashion. You can then equip your look with complementary silver jewelry or even a great hat. This look is perfect for a formal evening wear on a date.
  • Choose a blazer knit cape. This model goes well with regular jeans and T-shirts. You can still wear this with your shorts and T-shirt. The key is the right design as well as the right colors. It can also look good on skirts and dresses.
  • Complete your cape with statement jewelry for a more glamorous look. You'll look like you're straight out of a fashion magazine. The cape, especially the knitted type, looks really good with statement jewelry.
  • Combine your patterned outfits with a colorful knit cape. However, the cape should only have one color for a good and well layered look.
  • During these warm autumn days it is stylish to wear overalls with a knitted cape over them. Just make sure that the colors are right.

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