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Retro Dresses

Retro Dresses

What are retro dresses?

Retro is a Latin work that means backwards and refers to anything that mimics or is attained by features and characteristics of the recent past, at least 20 to 50 years old. So retro dresses are usually those that are actually new, but use design ideas, fabrics, colors, and patterns from the past. It brings a nostalgic feeling. The clothing used is largely outdated and is complemented by wearing heavy make-up and metal jewelry. It may not fit all, but a person wearing it will definitely be considered a fashion icon as it undoubtedly highlights it. Fabric to create this look is available in some stores or at the flea market.

Types of retro dresses:

  1. The hippie style of retro dresses is based on fabrics used in the late 1960s. One of the landmarks of this era is the flares. These are pants that have widened and are sharply flared down. Even corduroys and skirts were usually flared down and had bright, flowery designs.
  2. Disco refers to clothing that was worn in the seventies. It also had trousers with bell bottoms as an important feature, but also mismatched patterns and a huge collar. The fabric that has been commonly used includes tweed and polyester. Jazzy beads have been added to create a funky look.
  3. The Zoot suit was a style that was fashionable in the 1940s, with padded shoulders and loose, loose legs that tapered at the ankles. For women, it was the shaky dresses that fit snugly below the waist.

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