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Street Fashion

Street Fashion

In general, street fashion is associated with youth culture, which is found mainly in large urban centers. Mainstream fashion often views these trends as impacting young people around the world who are interested in a casual and chic everyday look.

There are different styles to choose from.

Although street fashion has a special place and a special category even in the fashion world, there are different types of it. If we summarize all differences and similarities, we can divide this up as follows:

  • Feminine das (consists of dresses, hats and various accessories)
  • Hippies (jeans, flared pants, long hair and the like)
  • Skinheads (waisted jeans, polo shirts, short hair)
  • Gothic (thick coats, black clothes, thick boots, heavy make-up)
  • Kawaii (inspired by anime, pink and pastel colors)
  • Preppy (Chinos, Madras, Button Down Shirts, Pullovers)
  • Punk (bondage, torn clothes, Mohican style)
  • Rasta (dreadlocks, African inspired)
  • Urban (colorful clothes, skinny jeans, T-shirts, accessories)
  • Hip Hop (Baggy Pants, Nike Sneakers, Hip Hop Music)

Be creative and unique.

Of course, you do not have to belong to any of these styles. You can easily invent your own. Combine any garments with your favorite accessories. One of the best things about street fashion is that there are no rules. The main purpose is to express yourself, your creativity and your own style so that you have plenty of room to experiment. You can wear everything that makes you feel good, safe and good.

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