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Vintage Swimming Suit

Vintage Swimming Suit

Vintage swimsuits generally refer to swimwear worn by ladies and young ladies when swimming in the sea or moving in the sun, e.g. B. while sunbathing. Showers at sea were fashionable in the eighteenth century. It was considered appropriate to keep the skin white and untouched by the sun. Nowadays, the classic swimsuits are usually a skin-tight garment that covers the middle of a woman, with the exception of the back or the upper middle part.

Before the glory of the two-piece swimsuit and then the bathing suit, the woman's entire swimwear was fully secured in every respect, at least in the midst of the wearer, and men also wore comparable swimsuits. While vintage swimsuits have gained increasing recognition since the 1960s, the one-piece swimsuit has remained a staple on the coast.

There are variations on one-piece vintage swimsuits, including halterneck swimsuits and vintage dip-front swimsuits, as well as wrap and bandeau swimsuits. The pretzel suit is another style of classic swimsuits. Recently, a number of new shoulder belt styles have been used for athletic swimsuits, including racer-back, fast-back, and fly-back styles, some of which have been used for other sportswear. Another late development in one-piece swimsuits is the body skin, which looks like a wetsuit on the outside. Their surfaces are made of textured special fabrics that are cut through the water like fish or shark skin.

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