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Tunisian Crochet

Tunisian Crochet

This generation always needs a new design and a new style. In this context, Tunisian crochet is a good choice as it is a fusion of crochet and knitting.

Mechanism of Tunisian crochet:

If you want to design it, you need to buy a special hook called Afghans hooks to complete this technique. In it you have to achieve many different stitches and combine with the normal crochet. If you want to complete the process in a few stitches, you should use a standard crochet hook. In Tunisian crocheting, a series consists of two parts; The first is forward pass and the second is reverse pass. Once you know the basics, it's easy to do so.

If you are working with a normal crochet work, first create the base chain to simplify the process. So first create a chain with the same length. If you attach it comfortably and firmly, the stitches change and loose stitches destroy the edges of the fabric.

Now it's time to make a forward pass. Insert the hook into the second chain of the hook. Now pull the thread through the chain and onto the hook. Do you see two loops on your hook? If so, repeat the process.

By working continuously in the same way, you create a complete line. When finished, you'll see a loop on the hook for the chain you started. Remember, if you have created a chain of 15 lines, there are 15 loops on the hook.

Come back to continue. Without this operation, you can not create the next line. Do not turn to the completion of the forward pass. Instead, continue working from left to right along the row. Once you have completed this, the loop remaining on your hook will make the first stitch of the first row.

Once you have created the basic series, you must decide which Tunisian stitches you would like to continue with your work. It is good to continue the easy sewing. To process this, identify the vertical threads of the yarn and insert the hook from right to left under the next vertical threads.

Can you see the two eyes on the hook? If you get a positive result, repeat the process and draw in the same way. Leave the last thread and repeat this order with others.

Create two strands for the last strand by simply inserting the hook under the front and back of the loop. So continue with this order and create a Tunisian crochet work. If you want to complete the process, simply complete the return of the last line.

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