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Body Con Dresses

Body Con Dresses

The carefully chosen clothes could play an important role in reflecting or hiding some body parts, depending on the fit. Not only today, the dependency of dresses on the style in the earlier centuries, when women wanted to check the choices along with the preservation of their assets, can be considered exaggerated. The dress that is available could serve a differentiated purpose, which is reflected in the choice of material, style, color and imprint of the dress.


The story can be traced back to the existing use of corsets in the early periods to get in shape. This led to the development of shapes that were initialized by hourglass outfits that became known as beauty attire in the early 1930s. Although this style still exists today, it differs in a variant of the earlier style was longer and a bit loose, since the current materials were missing. The style even included that the clothes were well sewn, with the upper part like the corset reflecting the benefits.

Above are a few looks from the current era of bodywear, which is considered the beauty garment. Body-cut thigh length with a lot of stretch in the fabric. Versions with lace, mesh or a kind of transparency on the back or the sleeves are very topical. The illusory body is equipped with color blocking techniques that are specifically designed to enhance the female hourglass shape. The introduction of fabrics in the 1840s led to the invention of a new style that envelops the trend settings. This showed that variations in dresses were available in a selection of styles and fabrics.

Current trends

The clothes are popularly referred to as dressing gowns because they are sewn of stretchy fabric because they fit snugly on the body and define every aspect. The current trend involves the availability of clothes in a variety of styles, which also have the mixture of some and the patterns of different materials used. The clothes now seem to be available in wool and silk.

To define the style statement, the con-dress should be chosen according to the body shape, as these dresses fit snugly and reflect the body figure. The chosen style can be combined with a selection of stilettos and accessories that contribute to a refined yet elegant look. The style suits any glamorous occasion, be it a party or a corporate event. These dresses are delicately referred to as the beauty dresses that define the beauty features.

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