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Cow Girl Outfit

Cow Girl Outfit

The skills of the girls in the youngest West differed markedly from those of the men. Although they worked as long and laboriously as men, they were expected to decorate themselves and behave like "real" gentle women. For example, a real girl rode a horse only on a side saddle. The sight of a lady riding astride a horse would cause a stir. Although the ladies were expected to spend their energy caring for their homes for their families, some of them got a cowboy lifestyle in the early days. As a rule, livestock farmers' wives kept the oxen's business when their husbands were away or when the cubs died. Divorced daughters were usually "cow women" and ranchers in their claim.

The cowgirls and the outfits

Some young ladies became cow hands or traveled as cowgirls to the Wild West shows. Others later became rodeo winners. As a result, they changed their clothes. Cowgirl outfits increasingly required a slightly different look. The skirts became shorter and more elaborate. After all, these ladies were in show business.

The different cow girls

There are Bronco riders, bull riders, ox-wrestlers and trick-ropers and riders since the first 1900s. However, women's events were and still are to be separated from men's competitions, as women normally require lighter animals than men. One of the most common events women participate in is driving with barrels. It takes a well-trained horse and a talented rider to drive at high speed in a very varied pattern around the barrels.

At other Cowhand events, a slalom-style course is run. There is a path together where riders perform a series of tasks, such as opening a gate on the back of a horse. Or there is the goat-binding contest where the participant has to ride a goat to descend and tie on three legs. Unlike the first few days, the cowgirl outfit is just like the cowboy clothes. Cowgirls wear pants, shirts, vests, boots and hats, as do their colleagues. And it's not uncommon to discover cute cowhand skirts and dresses.

There are, as we know, different types of cowgirl clothes, there are the most elegant and then there is the male version. The dressy would have a skirt and a top and also the cowboy hat is very important. The male version would have jeans, shirt and cowboy boots and to top it off, you would get a cowgirl hat. This would help to make the most of the overall outfit. Make sure all accessories match your garments. This would help to preserve the look completely.

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