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French Style

French Style

France is usually regarded as a center for fashion and industry, apart from its identity for perfumes. In addition, all elite and celebrities like to follow the trends and tips of the French style in order to cultivate more and more. Some of the tips that you choose from the French lifestyle are:

  • The French styles are more like the classic look than the supercardioid or eye-catching and colorful things. They also like classic trench coats and cashmere sweaters. The fabric should have the quality that you look expensive.
  • The neutral colors are preferred for their versatility and simplicity in French styles and fashion. The colors are gray, white, nude, tonal and navy or black. The clothes are very well cut and have some pretty coats or blouses.
  • French girls like beautiful sunglasses, flats and attractive jewelry that suits every occasion.
  • French women do not like having too tight or shabby clothes, and so does the jackets they wear. They are very aware of the fit and cleanliness of the clothes they wear. The shape of the dress depends on the body type and is well cut. When making the dress, attention has been paid to the smallest details in order to achieve a perfect look.
  • They never outfit and believe in a simple and feminine look that is pretty elegant.

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