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Vintage Filet Crochet Patterns

Vintage Filet Crochet Patterns

A beautiful and unique technique that uses chain and double crochet stitches is the filet crochet. Sometimes other stitches and stitches are used to create filled blocks and open stitches. These elements can be arranged to create beautiful and complex designs with butterflies, flowers or other motifs. To give you a visual picture of the design, the designs and images are usually graphically displayed.

Here are some examples of free crochet patterns in vintage and contemporary styles that you can use for your crochet projects.

Checked diamond filet crochet pattern

This unique type of crochet pattern is very versatile and there are two versions of this pattern. One version is a repeating pattern that can be used for any size of crochet projects, while the other crochet pattern is suitable for square designs.

Diamond Square Filet Crochet Pattern

In this square crochet pattern, the focus is on a diamond. You can also try crocheting this motif in tapestry crochet.

Filet Crochet Hearts Trim

This pattern contains lovely alternating hearts and this design can be used to copy linen, pillowcases, sheets and also clothes.

Crochet Pattern Vintage Rose Filet with Lacets

The vintage rose pattern has a lace effect that can be seen in the background of the pattern. This is perfect to sew a romantic and beautiful crochet pattern. You can also join this design with other coordinating flowers that you prefer instead of the rose.

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