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Flower Crochet Pattern For Beginners

Flower Crochet Pattern For Beginners

When you think of flowers, you will notice a gorgeous color mix and a refreshing feeling. Flowers enhance the mood and crocheting with beautiful floral patterns and patterns is a beautiful art that will make your clothes look beautiful.

There are many online sites where you can learn how to make floral crochet patterns. You can browse through such blogs and websites that provide great tips and guidance, and in particular, how to make flower crochet tutorials.

To get a simple and attractive floral crochet pattern, start with a simple crochet hook and a yarn of 2 to 3 colors. You can also use threads instead of yarn to create this pattern. Now you need to use the sixth chain for your first color. Then go back to the first chain and make a thread and continue with the second chain.

This has to be repeated again and finally placed in the first chain. Now you will see that eight spokes are in your hand. With the Kettm in the 3rd Chain, attach the circle you need to build, and then attach all the bows that you have finished. This is the method to turn the flower into a petal. This is how you easily create your first flower.

The flower must be turned after attaching a chain stitch to the 1st sc on the first petal. Next, pick a different color you like and make a slipknot. Under the color spokes, a crochet hook must be placed, through which you can draw the new color yarn. Perform the same steps with more than 2 to 5 colors to create a floral crochet pattern.

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